Instructions for recording video for virtual choir 

STEP 1: What You Need 

  • Two devices (i.e. Cell phone, tablet, iPad, computer, video camera) 
    • Device 1 to video record 
    • Device 2 to play audio (Please use headphones or preferably earbuds. Be sure you are able to hear yourself. One solution is to have one earbud IN and one OUT.) 
  • Solid backdrop/wall, preferably light colored 
  • Ample lighting 

STEP 2a: Setting up your recorder - iPhone (for Android OS skip to STEP 2b) 

  • ONE - Click on “Settings” 
  • TWO - Scroll down to “Camera” and select 
  • THREE - Select “Record Video” 
  • FOUR - Select “720p HD at 30 fps” 
  • FIVE - Select “Camera” in the top left corner to return to the last screen 
  • SIX - Select “Formats” 
  • SEVEN - Select “Most Compatible” 

STEP 2b: Setting up your recorder - Android OS 

  • ONE - Select the “Camera” app 
  • TWO - Select the “Settings” icon in the top left corner 
  • THREE - Scroll down and select “Front video size” 
  • FOUR - Select “720p HD at 30 fps” 
  • FIVE - Select “16:9” and choose “HD 1280x720” 

For other devices such as iPads and Tablets mirror these instructions to your best ability. We prefer 720HD but can downscale if necessary. 

Device 1 is all set! 


  1. Take Device 1 (video recording device) and place it far enough away that it captures you from the chest up. 
    • Turn you phone to record in Selfie landscape mode (phone should be WIDE not tall)
    • Keep the recording device stationary (mount phone on to something to keep it completely still) 
    • Aim camera so you face will be in the center of the screen. 
  2. Download the guide video of the part you are going to sing (i.e. Soprano 1 or 2, Alto, Tenor, etc.) to Device 2 (playback device) 
  3. Please use headphones or preferably earbuds so that we can capture JUST your voice. (Again, be sure you are able to hear yourself. One solution is to have one earbud IN and one OUT.) 
  4. Clap with the audio. You will hear a count off “1 -2 - 3 - CLAP”. Clap with the clapping. 
  5. Practice singing with the track 
  6. Once you feel comfortable singing with the video, you are ready to record! 
  7. First, press record on Device 1 
  8. Then get into place 
  9. Now, play the guide video on Device 2 
  10. Tip: Stay in place with minimal movement of your feet, while being expressive with your singing. 
  11. Stay in position for 5 seconds after track ends before you stop recording. 


  1. From Device 1 (recording device) go to “" This will take you to our Upload Landing Page. 
  2. At that page select the button “Go to Upload Page” 
  3. The next page is the Dropbox upload interface. Click on the large “+” symbol and select the file to upload 
    • Android OS: 
      • “Allow” access to your gallery if prompted. 
      • Choose “Files” and navigate to your recorded video. 
    • iPhone: 
      • Select “Photo Library” 
      • Navigate to your recorded video 
  4. When file is chosen you must give your First and Last name and email then click “Upload”. May take some time so be patient. Please give us you full name so we can spell it correctly in the credits. 
  5. When upload is done please send us another e-mail to “" With “Done” subject. Spell your name one more time in the text and send e-mail. This will make double sure we do not misspell your name. We will send back a confirmation e-mail after that letting you know that we received everything. 

You’re done! Thank you!