World Premiere - January 20, 2021

Thank you!

As many of us know a virtual choir experience is unique and special. People of all ages and backgrounds come together as individuals and lend their voices. Then, through the magic of technology the MANY become ONE voice. Like viewing a delicate painting with many layers and colors for the first time, the final reveal is profound. We have heard from many of our virtual choir that they were moved to tears. So were we! The gift of music unites us. We are better together. Thank you again for sharing your time and talents to this project. Keep sharing the light of God's love through singing. May His Shalom be yours now and always. Please stay in touch and follow my journey with the Healing Music of the Bible on YouTube!


Sandi Padilla

File Downloads

You will find the music files you will need to download for our 2020 Virtual Christmas Choir project! at the bottom of this page. There is a demo recording with all choir parts as well as a SATB score. You can also download your individual choral parts. Simply CLICK on the link to the file and it will download to your computer or device.


Just in case you missed our main WELCOME page with all of our dates and details for this project please click on the following link that will take you to our 2020 VIRTUAL CHRISTMAS CHOIR DATES & DETAILS

Recording & Choir Parts

Unto Us - Chord Chart (Guitar/Piano/Vocal) Here is the worship chord chart for Unto Us. 55.1 KB
SATB - SHEET MUSIC - ALL PARTS Updated SATB Score (7/30) with dynamic markings! 12.1 MB
SOPRANO AUDIO REHEARSAL Here is the individual Soprano rehearsal track! 5.3 MB
ALTO AUDIO REHEARSAL Here is the individual Alto rehearsal track! 5.17 MB
TENOR AUDIO REHEARSAL Here is the individual Tenor rehearsal track! 3.4 MB 3.45 MB
BASS 1 AUDIO REHEARSAL Here is the individual Bass 1 rehearsal track! 5.17 MB
BASS 2 AUDIO REHEARSAL Here is the individual Bass 2 rehearsal track! 5.17 MB